Project Life – week 25




This week I have done two dubble pages because I had so much photon from this week, all of them from Midsummereve. We always celebrating at our house together with my parents and one of my brothers. We are always eat potluck at midsummereve, everyone brings their special dishes every year:) This time my parents also celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary and my father had bought a sandwich cake, it tasted lovely!

For my project page I always use scraps and things from my Cocoa Daisy kits. My photos is most of the time the size of 10×15 centimeter.



Yesterday it was Midsummereve here in Sweden!

We celebrated  together with my parents and one of my brothers. We had a lovely day, and the weather was perfect!


O, T and I made a ice- cream cake with strawberries and blueberries, it tasted delicious! Here is the boys in action making the toffee and chocolate sauses


Here is the cake, seems yummie don´t you think?


I hope you had a great Midsummereve!