Project Life – week 21

Sorry that I didn´t blog my Project Life page yesterday but it´s summertime and life (and the sun)  gets between sometimes:). I have bought photopockets for my Project Life and from now on they are looking like this. I hope you will like it and still get inspired:


Project Life – week 21


This week O had theaterperformance. He was so good and sang a duett with a girl in his group and he had a own line. Afterwards everyone on stage got a rose. T,P, me and my mother was there watching. Then we ate lunch in Fältöversten together. Before O went to sleep he said that the best thing was that he had the curage to made the sang and the line. It felt so good when he said that, I´m so proud of him!.

O, started the term ”raisinbread” and that´s not bred with raisins inside but bread with raisins on top:). This week we also bought the aquarium and set it up.

I have used the same paper behind the photos. The paper behind the journaling speakbubble is the same paper as the green but the other side. It´s the first time I did a Project Life page with photopockets so this is my first take. Hopefully I will developing my skills with this:)

That´s all for me today!


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