Project Life – week 16 and 17



I didn´t blog any Project Life last Sunday so today I will show two Project Life pages as a compensation:)


Week 16:


This week I have documented our Saturdaybreakfast, we always eat sandwishes and the boys always drink cocoa meanwhile I always drink coffee and read the paper. This is our Saturday rutine, a great day to start the weekend I think. T have started to watercam his hair and calles it for ”Owa Powa”, it´s his own word for this and it´s so sweet. I wonder what it comes from:).

Here I have used products from my Coca Daisy kit together with a denimcolored acrylic paint and a stencil. The bright color papers behind the photos is from Echo Park. The little sweet clouds is a stamp from my lastest Cocoa Daisy kit. I love it!

Here is some close ups:


I love to use sentence like this on my pages.


I have stamped the clouds on craftpaper and cut them out.



Ribbon and a wooden arrow.



Week 17

This week is a partyweek. T ate his first icecream outside in the sun and O visited MacDonalds alone with P, a really nice time. We also had time for a visit at the playground and the boys picked some flowers for me, they are so sweet!

I have used a patterned paper and placed photos  in rows togheter with a big journalingbox. I used washitape as the main decoration. I love how this pages turned out and I really want to buy real photopockets for Project Life! Mabye I switch for them eventually.



A bit of washitape…


Circles and sequines, I think it works very well with the circles in the background


Great sentence I think, make the pages more vivid and living


Have a great Sunday!



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