Excursion – week 9 at Veckans Skiss

I made a project life LO this week based on Charlottes fabulous sketch at Veckans Skiss. Unfortunatley it´s the last sketch from Charlotte because she has leaving her DT assignment at VS. The arrows is a stencil I used with blue acrylicdabbers from Jenni Bowlin. I also used the revers pattern from the stencil on the right side. I didn´t want so much decorations on this because of all the photos, but a couple of bottons, flags and some flowers are invited:). You can see the sketch and the other Dt members awesome work HERE!


The reverse pattern from the stencil and acrylicdabber.


Thanks for the visit!



2 thoughts on “Excursion – week 9 at Veckans Skiss

    • Tack så mycket! Klistermärkspilen kommer från ett element stickers ark ”EveryDay eclectic Echo Park. Kommer tyvärr inte ihåg vilken butik jag har köpt det i men jag vet att den är svensk i alla fall:). Hoppas du hittar den. Tack för titten!


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