Altered mini-album 1

A while ago I participated in a altered mini-album class att Cocoa Daisy. I learned how to create a mini-album from a ordinary book. I started with cutting out some pages in the book to get more room for decorations. Then I glued a couple of pages together to get them more sturdier. The cover was made in several layers; I first covered the whole book with white gesso, then a layer of tissuepaper and decoupageglue, on that a layer of  lightblue acrylic paint and then a layer of white acrylic paint and some Blingz for the blingbling feeling:) The last thing I did was to cover all this with a layer of decoupageglue. And then it was time to decorating…de fun part!!

In the album I have gathered all the photos my oldest son have taken by himself (he is 5 years old) during 2012. Here is the cover:

”Ottos bilder 2012″
”Ottos own photos 2012″

I took a chiboardframe and painted it with black acrylicpaint and on top a layer of 3D finish. I think the stamp is great for this opportunity, it´s from Inkadinkado. The butterflie is misted with red dylusionink


Thanks for stepping by


/Jeanette (Jeany)





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