Project Life – vecka 25


Jag älskar att scrappa om och minnas de vardagliga händelserna i livet, den här veckan njöt vi av det härliga vädret och många frukostar intogs på altanen. Här är O i färd med att demonstrerar karaterörelser medan T inspekterar min Sizzix.

Jag har använt till största delen produkter ur Simple Stories serie I love summer, passar perfekt till sommar och semesterlayouterna!



Project Life – week 25




This week I have done two dubble pages because I had so much photon from this week, all of them from Midsummereve. We always celebrating at our house together with my parents and one of my brothers. We are always eat potluck at midsummereve, everyone brings their special dishes every year:) This time my parents also celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary and my father had bought a sandwich cake, it tasted lovely!

For my project page I always use scraps and things from my Cocoa Daisy kits. My photos is most of the time the size of 10×15 centimeter.


Project Life – week 24

This week we hanged out at the backyard on a sunny Saturday and ate Saturdaycandy. I also made one of my own windowdisplays  in school. It was a gardentheme and the selling products was books.I have used products from different Cocoa Daisy kits.


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Project Life – week 23

We celebrated the Nationalday with a picnic at Tyresta By. It was very hot that day! I also baked my first rhubarbpie for the season this week. I want to work as a designer/stylist when I´m finish school so I have started to take photos on food, tablesettings and more. The boys got waterguns from my parents, they was so happy and excited about it and shoot water on everyone and everywhere!


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Project Life – week 22

Another Project Life page, I love to work with the photopockets. You need to plan your page anyway but it´s like to do a jig-saw-puzzle

This week we put water into the new aquarium and bought our first fishes. We also visited my parents and as always, we took a trip to the playground nearby. O and T took a walk on the ”suspension bridge” , one dressed like ”Spiderman” and the other as ”Clone War Soldier”


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Project Life – week 21

Sorry that I didn´t blog my Project Life page yesterday but it´s summertime and life (and the sun)  gets between sometimes:). I have bought photopockets for my Project Life and from now on they are looking like this. I hope you will like it and still get inspired:


Project Life – week 21


This week O had theaterperformance. He was so good and sang a duett with a girl in his group and he had a own line. Afterwards everyone on stage got a rose. T,P, me and my mother was there watching. Then we ate lunch in Fältöversten together. Before O went to sleep he said that the best thing was that he had the curage to made the sang and the line. It felt so good when he said that, I´m so proud of him!.

O, started the term ”raisinbread” and that´s not bred with raisins inside but bread with raisins on top:). This week we also bought the aquarium and set it up.

I have used the same paper behind the photos. The paper behind the journaling speakbubble is the same paper as the green but the other side. It´s the first time I did a Project Life page with photopockets so this is my first take. Hopefully I will developing my skills with this:)

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Project Life – week 20 vernissage

This week the main focus was a vernissage at kindergarden. The children at T:s department have been working on a big animal ”a basilisk” , a fantasyanimal made of papier- maché with big tooth and wings. The children have been working on it the hole spring and now it was finish into the big day. The older children at O:s department have been working about the body, what´s happen inside the body when we eat? and things like that.


The big alphabetstickers is from Jillibean Soup.


Great talkbubbles from Teresa Collins.



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Project Life – week 19



My Project Life – week 19. This week we ate luch outside for the first time for the season, bbqed hotdogs. Everyone enjoyed to eat outside, it´s one of the best thing with summer! T also helped P to plant flowers.


I have placed the photos in rows together with some embellishment. I never remember what weather it was last year on a certain day so I think Project Life is awesome. This help me and the rest of the family to check out the weather and what we did when last year.


The heart is a rest from a diecut. I stamped on a piece of cardstock and put it behind the heart.


This background stamp with starpattern is from Cocoa Daisy and it´s lovely. I use it a lot!


I used alphabetstickers from Jillibean Soup.


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Project Life – week 18

This week we went to our friends which had moved to a new apartment some time ago. The children played and then we went to the park. It was a lovely springweather! T wrote his name in the sand for the first time!

I got this wonderful paper from my latest Cocoa Daisy kit, it´s from Elle´s studio and I love the big bright flowers. When you do a Project Life it´s often a lot of colors and things happening in the photos. Together with this vivid background it´s a risk to be to much so I put a layer of white acrylic paint and a circle to concentrate the photos in one spot. I thought it was enough happening at the layout so I didn´t add that much embellishment.


Black stickersalphabet from Jillibean Soup


White acrylicpaint and a bit of the circle.


Some small embellishment.


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Project Life – week 16 and 17



I didn´t blog any Project Life last Sunday so today I will show two Project Life pages as a compensation:)


Week 16:


This week I have documented our Saturdaybreakfast, we always eat sandwishes and the boys always drink cocoa meanwhile I always drink coffee and read the paper. This is our Saturday rutine, a great day to start the weekend I think. T have started to watercam his hair and calles it for ”Owa Powa”, it´s his own word for this and it´s so sweet. I wonder what it comes from:).

Here I have used products from my Coca Daisy kit together with a denimcolored acrylic paint and a stencil. The bright color papers behind the photos is from Echo Park. The little sweet clouds is a stamp from my lastest Cocoa Daisy kit. I love it!

Here is some close ups:


I love to use sentence like this on my pages.


I have stamped the clouds on craftpaper and cut them out.



Ribbon and a wooden arrow.



Week 17

This week is a partyweek. T ate his first icecream outside in the sun and O visited MacDonalds alone with P, a really nice time. We also had time for a visit at the playground and the boys picked some flowers for me, they are so sweet!

I have used a patterned paper and placed photos  in rows togheter with a big journalingbox. I used washitape as the main decoration. I love how this pages turned out and I really want to buy real photopockets for Project Life! Mabye I switch for them eventually.



A bit of washitape…


Circles and sequines, I think it works very well with the circles in the background


Great sentence I think, make the pages more vivid and living


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